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Retail and Online Packaging

Packaging Innovations is committed to reducing plastic. In both retail and online shops there has been a significant move from plastic to paper and we are fully supportive of this move. Check out our non-plastic options below.

Take Away Paper Bags

Regardless of your business type we have a bag to back you up. Sandwich bags, Flat handle or Twisted Handle SOS bag, Flat and Satchel bags without handles, we have you covered.

Retail Paper Bags

Available plain, printed, glossy, matt, twisted handle, flat handle matt with or without print, we have a vast selection of FSC Certified paper bags to support your business.

Paper Mailing Sacks

A great alternative to traditional polythene mailing bags. Paper mailing bags are increasingly popular with businesses looking for a more sustainable, environmentally friendly solution to shipping their goods. 100% recyclable, strong and versatile. Available in plain and printed.

Paper Void Fill & Impact Protection

In line with our move towards more non-plastic solutions, we have a selection of systems for impact protection and void fill solutions. Whether you have wanted to own the machines and buy the paper or lease a system we have options for you.


Online business is booming and we recognise the importance of having an appropriate solution to keep your goods safe in transit. Boxes are still the most popular way to ship individual orders to consumers and we have a range of boxes to help you get your products your clients safely.

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