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How to reduce your plastic tax

Now, more than ever, it has become imperative to reduce your plastic. As a business, there’s now an even greater financial incentive to do so; in March the government introduced a plastic tax due to come into effect in 2022, and levied on plastic packaging that does not contain at least 30% recycled plastic. This can equate to as much as £200 per tonne – which, for companies who are already struggling from the impact of Covid-19, will be hard to manage. 

Luckily, there are ways to make sure that your plastic packaging complies with the 30% rule that the government has outlined, and Packaging Innovations can help. We’ve been taking steps to reduce the amount of plastic packaging our customers use since our inception in 2008, and we’ve learned a thing or two along the way. Here we’ll look at ways you can safeguard your company from the plastic tax. 

Reduce the amount of plastic you use

Answer honestly: how much plastic do you use to secure your pallets? It is estimated that 1.2 million tonnes of plastic film from packaging arises in the UK waste stream every year, a third of which comes from pre-consumer sources. It’s fair to say that plastic film is a leading contributor to business waste worldwide. Improving your efficiency in this – both in terms of the quantity of plastic you use, and what it’s made from – will go a long way towards reducing how much you’ll be taxed in future. 

Packaging Innovations offer a number of solutions for this, including a smart plastic film for its pallets which can drastically reduce your plastic use. As our name suggests, we’re constantly innovating, looking for new products which are good for our customers, and the planet. 
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Use more recycled plastic

We recognise how useful plastic can be. It’s lightweight and efficient, and until a suitable alternative is found, it’s the best material we have to transport a range of goods from factories to consumers. By adopting a closed-loop recycling process, we’re able to produce plastic packaging for a range of uses – including stretch film, shrink films, pallet covers, box liners and even carrier bags – which are completely free from the plastic tax as they’re made from 30% recycled material. For you, this represents a very real cost saving in what you’d otherwise have to pay in plastic tax. 

So, what is closed-loop recycling and how does it work? In a nutshell, closed loop recycling allows us to use our clients’ waste plastic that would otherwise be thrown away and reuse it in our products, with no negative impact on the environment. Our fresh approach to recycling has futureproofed our business, and that of our clients, to allow us to offer a range of recycled plastic packaging that’s free from any current or future plastic tax. 
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Want to find out more? Our consultants are ready, willing and able to help your business reduce your plastic, limit your exposure to plastic taxes and lower your costs now.

Packaging Innovations is committed to sustainability and offers a range of recycled products
Fair priced PPE solutions from Packaging Innovations

PPE is the hottest topic in the plastics industry right now.

You rarely hear about plastic reduction and Brexit in the news these days. No longer considered a bad material for this purpose, plastic is the perfect fluid resistant cover for front line NHS and Healthcare workers. 

There are a lot of people jumping on the band wagon trying to help supply PPE equipment to support NHS and Healthcare workers. Unfortunately, most people trying to help know nothing about plastics. They are clueless regarding micron, anti-static, colour additives, food safety standard etc.. Our senior professionals have been working in the plastics industry for over 20 years each. We know about all about the properties and characteristics required to make high quality plastic products. This is why we are confident we can supply good quality, conforming products to support those organisations that so desperately need PPE.

PRICE – Misconception

There is a big issue in the UK with people profiteering from the sale of PPE - that is without question. However, I feel the facts are skewed.

Very reputable polythene manufacturers have adapted their machines to make PPE in this crisis. However, their machines were not originally designed to do this. Of course they are going to run slower and therefore cost more (time is money) than a mega factory in China knocking out billions a week.

Shipping is at a premium, as are the specific raw materials needed to make these products that are now in massive demand.

The net result PPE is more expensive to the consumer but don’t assume people are always making ridiculous profits, as it often isn’t the case.

How can we help? 

We have secured very reasonably priced, good quality, disposable NHS Style Aprons and Gowns. These are available with reasonable lead times. We are currently working through a backlog of orders, but if you have a short, medium or long-term need, we would love to hear from you to see if we can help.

Get in touch at or call 01795 430064

Washing and testing solutions for businesses

Useful solutions for WASHING AND TESTING

We are really impressed with how companies have stepped up to the plate to provide solutions for the NHS and other healthcare organisations. Some of these products are going to be useful in your business, both now and in the future. I have compiled a selection of the products we have available to bundle together that may be of interest to keep your workforce safe.


NHS Style Disposable Aprons

Washing stations for warehouse or vehicle installation

Portable testing stations

Powder free gloves - various colours

Hand sanitiser - 100ml & 500ml

Clinical waste bags - Yellow

Infrared thermometers

washing and testing

Employee Welfare Testing Station – £599 ea.

Infrared Thermometer – £65 ea.

Portawash (Delivery Van/lorry – Small) W483 x H660 x D148mm – £160

Portawash – 45 (Building Entrance) W620 x H1450 x D560mm – £515 ea.

Portawash – 45 (Van Delivery Van/lorry – Large) W720 x H1320 x D220mm – £476 ea.

2mtr Distance Lane Tape Std 33mtrs per roll x 50mm Wide, 36 rolls per Case, 1440 rolls per Pallet, £1.99p per roll

NHS Style Plastic Aprons Disposable Polythene Apron 700 X 1200MM X 16MU – £62.50 per 1000

Hand Sanitiser 100ml 50 per carton – £3.06 per bottle
Hand Sanitiser 500ml 10 per carton – £14.10 per bottle

Yellow Clinical Waste Sacks 18”x 29”x 39” (455 x 735 x 990mm) 200 per carton,  £27.95 per carton

Powder Free Gloves £12.00 per 100



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Specification sheets are available upon request.

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Now, more than ever, it has become imperative to reduce your plastic. As a business, there’s now an even greater financial incentive ... ”
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