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Other Products

Co-extruded stretch hoods.

Our special blend of co-extruded stretch hood plastic wrapping is used on high speed end of line pallet packaging machinery that secure the load without the need to apply heat to the product. An ideal packaging method if your goods are heat sensitive, which is fast and cost effective.

Pallet covers, sheets & box liners.

Available plain or printed, in various colours and gauges, we apply the Packaging Innovations know-how to ensure you use the most cost effective application for your plastic wrapping. Our high strength polymer recipes ensure exceptional strength and puncture resistance when compared to standard polythene 

Stretch Film Machines.

We work with the biggest names in stretch film machinery. With our vast experience in the stretch film market we are ideally positioned to come and do a site assessment to advise which type of machine would be best for you. We offer a range of power pre-stretch and core break machines, semi automatic or fully automatic systems. When buying machines from Packaging Innovations you can benefit from our unique plastic wrapping products which will also make sure you get the quickest return on your investment.

Form, Fill & Seal Film.

We offer a wide range of LDPE and co extruded form, fill and seal films that can be used for a wide range of industrial and agricultural applications. We offer single wound film or lay flat tube, plain or printed up to 8 colours to match the highest production output of any FFS line.

Shrink film.

Our vast knowledge of how polythene behaves when heat is applied has helped us to become one of the market leaders in matching the correct shrink film to your application. We supply shrink film as continuous film or pre-made bags or covers, in a wide range of colours either plain or printed. Shrink film is ideal if you want to create a full waterproof or dust proof covering, ideal for applications that need to conform to BRC standards.

Packaging tape & strapping.

From paper and polypropylene tape to dispensers and strapping machines, our packaging tape and strapping will meet all your business needs. You can secure every parcel and package with vinyl and filament tape for a strong hold and if you need something tougher there is polypropylene strapping for light loads, or polyester, extruded and steel strapping for heavy loads.

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