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Revolutionary Hand Stretch Wrapping System

16th May 2016

Packaging Innovations are extremely happy announce we are exclusively offering Coreless 33 layer nano hand film on a dispenser that delivers the load containment and the consistence of a semi-automatic machine wrapper.

We know have the best film & dispenser combo on the market in the UK for wrapping by hand.
- We have a coreless 33 layer Nano film - 1 pallet of Nano film can wrap up to 4200 pallets when applied by this unique patented dispenser.

- The dispenser has gears that control the stretch and the lay on force so every pallet is wrapped the same regardless of operator, time of day (alcohol consumed the night before).

- You walk forward with this dispenser so ergonomically it is better and safer for the operator
- Zero cardboard cores to dispose of.
- Zero film left on the cores that ends up in the skip, will not damage if you drop it and every last mtr can be used .
- Speed, containment and economy to rival stretch high end stretch wrap machines. 
- Enough dispensers for all of your pallet wrapping staff FOC with your commitment to buying the film.
If you use hand film in your business, this is a must see system. Over past year we have conducted countless trials on normal stretch film, pre stretched stretch film and pretty much any other stretch film available on the market. This film and this dispenser as a combo has topped the comparison tables by quite some margin. 
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