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Looking for a new stretch film provider?

24th September 2019

Changes to the industry

After recent news of a stretch-film company going into administration, you might be searching for a new provider to aid you with your packaging needs. Packaging Innovations can help. 

Get in touch or call us on 01795 430064 or 07850 739320 for more information about film supplies.


One of our competitors recently went into administration. The company was a major UK manufacturer of Polythene products. Having gone out of business, the company leaves a shortage in supply for many UK customers. Clients in need of blown stretch film, heat shrink film and stretch hood film are in the lurch.


Packaging Innovations offers a wide range of blown stretch film, as well as many other stretch film products from stock.

If you’re a business who’s been affected by the administration of one of the UK’s leading providers of blown stretch film, don’t panic. Help is at hand, thanks to Packaging Innovations.

We offer fast delivery and an efficient service, meaning that we can provide your business with a blown stretch film as soon as possible, saving you time and money.


Packaging Innovations was founded in 2008. The company works worldwide to find and provide innovative packaging products, machinery and techniques to bring them to the UK.

We work with suppliers to provide a reliable product and service. This includes logistics partners, raw material producers and manufacturing partners. Quality and consistency that’s delivered on time has been our goal for the last ten years and on every occasion, we surpass it. 


We recognise that plastic is a troublesome product. But we also appreciate that it’s the best product for our needs. Until there’s a better alternative, we’re dedicated to reducing our plastic consumption. The reduction of waste helps us to reduce costs and pass those savings onto our customers. 

So far, Packaging Innovations has already seen an average plastic reduction of 50%. We’ve also seen a 25% increase in efficiency, which all together means a reduction in the cost per pallet.  


If you’re affected by this unfortunate event, Packaging Innovations can help. Use our website to get in touch or give us a call on 01795 430064 to find out more.