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Hand Pallet Wrapping

14th September 2016

Film Waste

People are obsessed with the cost per roll of stretch film but how much of that roll actually gets used is as important if not more.

In a recent survey we found that users in the UK are throwing away between 5-15% of all the hand stretch film they purchase.

That is between 18 and 54 rolls from every pallet you buy ending up in the skip. This happens mainly because of bad winding or the operators impatience when the rolls get more difficult to use towards the end. How much does that cost your business?

Whatever the cost we could reduce it to zero.

Nano XT Coreless Film System

The Nano XT Coreless Film System means that you can use every metre of film on the roll, every time. We have no cardboard tube to dispose of so there is no risk of film being thrown away with the tube, this will cut your waste to zero and put money back in your pocket!

Other benefits of the Nano XT Coreless Film System include...

- Health & Safety - Reduced effort and bending to wrap a pallet.
- Awareness - Walk forwards whilst wrapping pallets rather than backwards hunched over.
- Cost - The dispenser has a patented gearing system that can elongate the film to nearly 1000 metres.
- Consistency - The dispenser controls the tension so any operator on any pallet at any time of the day will wrap with the same consistency.

If you wrap pallets by hand in your organisation you need to see this product in your warehouse. It saves you money on multiple levels and makes your warehouse operatives lives easier and safer.