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Getting out and about

21st April 2017

After attending the AMI Stretch and Shrink Experts conference last week, it was really refreshing to hear all of the delegates from Exxon Mobil (one of the worlds biggest petrol chemical companies) right down to the local distributors (like us) talking about the latest packaging innovations in raw material, the manufacturing process and conversion. 

Everyone it seems, is focused on the new era of packaging responsibly. An era where suppliers want to sell packaging that will improve the customers pack or pallet stability and give an operational benefit rather than just slash thickness to maximise profits. There was a lot of talking about "appropriate gauging" not just "down gauging". Words like load containment and holding force were common place. However, to Packaging Innovations this isn't a new era, we have been working in this way for a long time now and we are very good at it.

Our manufacturing partners from around the world often use outside laboratories like ESTL, to prove the products we sell are fit for purpose and capable of securing your goods in transit. They provide 0.5g deceleration and acceleration tests, they can simulate the conditions of a bumpy street surface or a lorry doing a tight turn. On trials in the field and at the office we have Highlight Industries testing kits to measure the improvements in load stability and weight reduction as we tweak the film type to perfection. This approach means that we can offer the best solution in the UK for hand wrapping pallets with the Lite Wrapper XT system, or the best solution for machine wrapping with Fiber Film reinforced stretch film.

It's great to see everyone thinking like us, hopefully the fact that we have been doing this for a long time will continue to give us the edge over the competition.