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Foodex 2016 aftermath

29th April 2016

Foodex was a great event for Packaging Innovations and we would like to thank everyone that came to the stand to support us over the 3 days last month! Being that it was our first ever expo we didn’t really know what to expect but the feedback from the visitors that we spoke to on the stand was very positive. We are now busy setting up meetings and demonstrations with all those people who took time to listen the benefits of Fiber Film on the stand. If you didn’t get to see our stand we were doing live demonstrations to show the benefits of using Fiber Film reinforced stretch film against the most popular standard UK stretch film specifications. The most popular comparison showed 23mu 250% stretch film vs Fiber Film. We managed to prove over and over again that to wrap the same pallet, Fiber Film was 36.6% cheaper and held the pallet 18% tighter than the standard traditional stretch film.

Fiber Film whether applied by hand or machine delivers many benefits that are always on the mind of responsible buyers, such as…

- Significantly reduce the amount of film you use to wrap each pallet

- Significantly reduce the cost to wrap each pallet

- Increase the load stability

- Reduce down time due to breakages 

There are no other films that can achieve the same weight and cost reduction whilst at the same time actually improving the stability of the load.

Another increasingly important KPI for the modern business is the weight of packaging they consume for each operation. You will be please to learn that on average we remove 55% of your LDPE consumption from your stretch wrapping operation when you change to Fiber Film. So you will be 55% greener and as a little bonus pay 55% less packaging waste tax each year.
If you are curious to learn more about Fiber Film, we would love to hear from or feel free to check out the dedicated website or to find out what else we offer at Packaging Innovations go to
If you are interested in a demonstration, we would be happy to invite you to one of three separate locations of ours around the UK or we can come to you and provide the demo in your own warehouse.
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“I couldn’t have asked for a better stand, it looked more impressive than I ever imagined when we were designing it, I am so happy with how it turned out. Also the reception from the people that stopped and talked to us was amazing. I could get addicted to these exhibitions, people coming to us all day rather than the team trawling the country in search of a listening ear.”

Nathan Hutchinson - Managing Director