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FoodEx - NEC 18th-20th April

5th April 2016

Packaging Innovations will be exhibiting for the first time ever at FoodEx this year. We will be showing of our unique, innovative, reinforced stretch film called Fiber Film. During the 3 day event we will be welcoming people on to our stand where they are sure to be met with a laid back team offering tea, coffee, beers and wine plus a live Fiber Film demonstration on demand.

We are looking to show people the benefits of this amazing product away from their busy working warehouses. We will have a demo pallet on the stand that we can wrap with the grade you usually use in your warehouse and compare the load holding and economy figures of that film to our Fiber Film alternative. If you are impressed with what you see we would like the opportunity to come and show the operators in your warehouse safe in the knowledge that the exercise is not going to be a waste of anyones time.

Come and see us on the stand and I am sure that we will give you something interesting to take away (even if it is just the goody bag with sweets in).