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Closed Loop Recycling

6th November 2019

Can closed-loop recycling help my business?

Everyone agrees that reducing plastic waste is a good thing. PlasticsEurope rightly identifies that at the end of their life, plastics are still a very valuable resource. As a socially-responsible business, Packaging Innovations couldn’t agree more with this statement. Not only is reducing plastic good for the environment, but it can also be good for your profits too.

Plastic is still an essential product for many businesses and Packaging Innovations has a strong commitment to reducing it. B2B industrial plastics from the UK rarely contributes to the scenes we see in the ocean as businesses spend a lot of money to collect these plastics. Also, thanks to heavy investment and schemes like closed-loop recycling that collect and recycle industrial plastics. We explore the sustainability measures Packaging Innovations is taking through closed-loop recycling and how it could improve your business. 

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The problem with plastic

Plastic has many benefits; it’s lightweight, waterproof, easy to work with and cheap to produce and transport, and of course, there’s its longevity. The downside is that when not managed properly or safely, it can be damaging to the environment. According to a report from the House of Commons Library, in 2016 the UK produced an estimated 1.53 million tonnes of plastic waste. We take these figures to heart – and if you’re reading this, so do you and your business.   

Our sustainable solution

There are no two ways about it – we need plastic and until there’s a suitable alternative, we’re going to keep using it to supply products to our clients. However, with a little resourcefulness, we can still use the plastic we need but with a clear conscience. By reusing or repurposing our plastic waste, we can help the environment and our pockets, thanks to closed-loop recycling.

What is closed-loop recycling?

Packaging Innovation provides a closed-loop solution, where we collect waste plastic from our clients. We then recycle the plastic and produce new products. The plastic comes full-circle and doesn’t impact the environment negatively. Closed-loop recycling preserves natural resources, minimises risk to plants and wildlife and also reduces pollution and saves landfill space. It can also save you money.

Summary: the benefits of closed-loop recycling

All-in-all, closed-loop recycling from Packaging Innovations is a viable solution for disposing of waste plastic effectively. The main benefit of closed-loop recycling means not having having to make new plastic, since we’re recycling old products. What’s more, it requires less energy to recycle old plastic, than to make it from scratch, which means fewer CO2 emissions. 

Aside from sustainability, we also see:

  • Reduced costs and extra revenue for clients, since Packaging Innovations pay for the scheme.
  • Improved production output.
  • Reduced carbon footprint.
  • Reduced packaging waste tax since fewer waste plastics find themselves in the landfill.

Waste plastic is repurposed into new products that are either distributed back to the clients or sold on privately, helping the planet and your pockets by needing less plastic. Packaging Innovations sells recycled plastics back to its customers at 10-15% discount. 

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