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Carbon Neutral Polythene

1st July 2016

Packaging innovations is teaming up with cutting edge raw material producers to bring a polymer made from sugar cane to the UK market. By blending the sugar cane polymer with standard polymer we can offer the UK end users a product that is carbon Neutral or even carbon positive.

With the UK consumers quite rightly focused on sustainability and their green credentials a carbon neutral polythene is a very welcome innovation.

The process.

Through photosynthesis the sugar cane plant absorbs 2.5 tonnes Co2 and produces Oxygen. The petrochemical engineers harvest the sugar can and turn it into alcohol (ethanol), ethanol is turned into ethylene and ethylene is turned into carbon positive polyethylene. Now we have something that we can use to make your pallet covers, polythene bags, box liners, stretch film…etc.   

If we use 60% of the Bio Polymer created from the sugar cane in the blend, once you have factored in the carbon required for the manufacturing process and delivery of the goods you have a finished product that is carbon neutral, anything more that 60% and you have a product that is carbon positive.

Our aim is to bring Carbon Neutral packaging to as many people as possible. The green credentials alone wouldn’t be enough for everyone to want to switch unless we were able to price these products competitively. Put us to the test and send us your enquiries for any standard polythene based packaging you currently buy.

If your business is focused on reducing your carbon and increasing your green credentials then you can’t afford not to look at replacing your standard polythene product with sugar cane bio polymer.