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Nano XT Coreless Wrapping System

wrap your pallets easier, faster, consistently better and at lower costs

The Nano XT Coreless Wrapping System promotional video

How to use the Nano XT Coreless Wrapping System

Unrivalled economy

Increased load stability


layers of film

Annual cost reduction

The specially formulated Nano XT Coreless Wrapping system will increase the load stability of your pallets using less film. The unique 33 layer film is lighter, stronger and applies easy and noiseless.

Within 60 minutes the film will even tighten stronger around the load, due to the high memory. The film is activated in the dispenser and wants to get back to its original situation.

The 5 key advantages

Reduced Bending

Increased Consistency

Tighter Pallets

Less Waste

Lower Costs

Why is it revolutionary?

Because with the Nano XT Coreless Wrapping System you walk forwards and hold the dispenser with one hand. This is better for your spatial awareness and safety.

Because even for very tall people you can wrap the bottom of the pallets easily with minimal bending. This gives the operator a much better experience compared to walking backwards and bending over all of the time.

Because regardless of the physical strength of the operator the dispensers patented gearing system controls the tension, so each pallet is wrapped consistently.

Because the dispensers patented gearing system also elongates the film. This guarantees a significant yield benefit when compared to traditional stretch film and pre-stretched films.

Because you will stop seeing bins around the warehouse with part used rolls of stretch film in. The dispensers design protects the film from getting damaged and as there is no cardboard core in the centre of the film, there is no core to throw away and you use every last inch of film.

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