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Nathan Huthchinson — Founder

I founded Packaging Innovations in 2008, with a simple vision; to scour the world for the most innovative packaging products, machinery and techniques and to deliver them to users in the UK.

After working for an established flexible packaging company for 10 years, I made some key observations about the working environment and the competitors:

Suppliers are as important as customers.

Aligning the company with the right logistics, raw material and manufacturing partners has allowed us to deliver quality, consistent products, on time, for the last 10 years. We work with a close-knit network of suppliers in order to ensure a dependable quality of product and service.


Anything is possible.

Packaging Innovations work on the basis that anything is possible and put a strong emphasis on customer service. If you want something unusual, we will source it. If you need something made and delivered on a tight schedule, wherever possible, we will make it happen. We have built a strong relationship with our customers over the years and this is largely down to the ‘can-do’ mentality of our staff.

Be the expert and gain trust.

With Packaging Innovations, you can rest assured that you will speak to a true expert, who will understand your situation and be able to suggest practical packaging solutions. We are always looking for long term relationships, which is why we look to go the extra mile and work in partnership with our customers. Our wide range of products means that we can be really objective about the advice we give and recommend products that work for your individual requirements.

Our packaging solutions must always deliver on our values.

Better, Stronger, Faster

Does it do the job better than the product it is replacing?
Does it provide an operational benefit?


Does it reduce the amount of packaging our customers consume per year?
Does it reduce our customers’ carbon footprint?


Does it provide better value for money?
Does it reduce our customers’ cost?

If the answer to any of these questions is ‘No’ then we re-evaluate the proposed product solution.

We are always searching to find the next innovative product, for ways to improve our service, or new ideas to revolutionise your experience. Every customer is different, but all are of equal importance. Our customers know that nothing is too much trouble and we are only a phone call away, which is why we maintain their loyalty, year on year.

Why Packaging Innovations?

Shrink wrap and stretch film, this is what we do. We have the widest range of products, years of experience and the greatest level of expertise in the business. What does this mean for you? It’s simple; the right advice, the right product to solve your problem and a level of service you simply cannot find anywhere else.

We have a wide range of packaging products, which have helped many companies just like yours.